Solidarity to AT&T Southeast Workers

Solidarity to striking workers, to your families, and to the Communications Workers of America.

As working people, we deserve to bargain collectively, to improve our working conditions and our quality of life. Instead of being met with respect, you were faced with an unyielding employer at the bargaining table. In taking this collective action, you are showing this telecommunications giant that workers will not be defeated.

Unifor supports your campaign to win quality healthcare coverage, wage increases, job security, and investment in local communities. AT&T’s refusal to bargain in good faith, paired with reports of illegally disciplining members for wearing union memorabilia, and for participating in activities that are protected under the National Labor Relations Act, is of great concern to your fellow telecommunications workers in Canada, unionized with Unifor.

Jobs in the telecommunications industry should be good jobs, and your communities deserve to benefit from a growing, evolving sector.

Despite taking billions in tax breaks, AT&T has cut more than 23,000 jobs. We have seen similar tactics in Canadian telecommunications companies, with Bell Canada accepting federal subsidies and outsourcing unionized work. No matter what company engages in these tactics, it remains greedy and exploitative, and it is something that Unifor opposes.

People should come before profits. Unifor members are encouraged to echo your calls for Good Jobs at AT&T, calling on the company to keep its promises and bargain a fair collective agreement.

In solidarity,

Jerry Dias
Unifor National President

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Solidarity to AT&T Southeast Workers
Solidarity to AT&T Southeast Workers