Bell Outsourcing and Layoffs

As I am sure you are aware, a little over a week ago the company announced to the union that they were contracting out the wireless to the home project (WTTH – See attached letter) in its entirety, refusing to give even a portion of the work to either the Bell Craft unit (where our members are facing layoff) or the BTS unit.

Given this decision and the history of slowly eroding jobs in nearly every one of our Bell units, (apart from BTS doing FTTH) we must come together to oppose this contracting out/outsourcing. This is a major project for Bell and our members working directly for Bell should be doing this work.
Later this week, Unifor will launch a website where members will be able to register to receive updates on planned actions, view public communications and those being sent to the company, as well as tell their own story about their experience working for Bell Canada.
Coinciding with the launch of the website, we will have a generic leaflet printed that we hope to distribute to every member we have working for a Bell Canada company which aims to guide people to our website and build support for our mounting campaign.
We ask that you immediately convene a meeting with your local leadership to discuss how you best distribute this material on Tuesday, April 23, across your worksites. A strong coordinated release of this material will help make an impact across the country and across the company. We will have a couple of people beginning work with us very soon who will be working with all Bell locals to ensure the most success in information distribution.
We have a long road ahead to ahead to win this work back, but through solidarity we will be successful.

In solidarity,

Chris MacDonald

Assistant to the National President

John Calouri

Assistant to the Quebec Director. 

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Bell Outsourcing and Layoffs
Bell Outsourcing and Layoffs